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Process Standardization    •    Data Structuring    •    Inventory Transparency

Dia.PathoDx™ is a four-pronged integrated pathology information system innovates the pathology diagnostic services based on process standardization, supply chain leaning and data structuring, thus enhancing the further improvement of pathology diagnostic quality.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Multiple Operating Systems  

21 :9 ultra-wide curved screen makes multiple systems operating on the same screen to be real,

diagnose decisions will be more accurate and efficient

ELN module

DiaPathoDx™ ELN module transforms your lab
from paper to digital based on ISO15189.

Image by DeepMind
Image by Katie Moum

Supply Chain Visibility

Benefit from supply chain visibility (SCV),

our system will effectively save laboratory operating costs and improve the quality of pathological diagnosis significantly.

Remote Interactive Microscopy

Remote interactive microscopy (RIM) system
digitizes traditional microscope images in real time,
our system will completely make Pathological education innovated digitally.

Image by Fayette Reynolds
Image by Graham Holtshausen

MDT multidisciplinary consultation

Significantly improves communication between pathologists and clinicians meanwhile improve

the efficiency of MDT multidisciplinary
consultation remarkably.

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