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 MedSCMDx™ develops and maintains strong partnerships
with both supplier and laboratory distributors,
integrates effective strategies to manage their inventory.



The Power-horse behind the Decision Making

Build upon Sagacity™ supply chain control tower, 

Clarity™ Smart Software, and Walkaway™
Smart Hardware, MedSCMD™x offers real-time decision making with real-time supply chain data.

Business Strategies

 From Tactical Thinking to Strategic Management

Product Lifecycle Management, Zero Inventory,

Cost Management, and more

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram


Safeguards Patient Safety

ISO 15189 focuses on the continuum of care directly connected with improved patient safety, risk mitigation and operational efficiency.


Solutions to Sustain Business Growth

Supported by digitalized and transparency supply chain management, MedSCMDx™ enhances healthcare institutions financing capability.

Image by Appolinary Kalashnikova

Explore the Products

Provide Solutions to Challenges, Empower Business to Thrive 

Laboratory Supply Chain Management System

Pathology Information Management System

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